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Due to the evolving nature of social media over the years, I no longer update this amazing collection of Phantom Manor Cookie creations but I still want to see yours! Drop me an email with a photo of your creation. I would love to see it  and I will share it with other Dimensioneers on the Haunted Dimensions Facebook page!

December 23, 2011

Creepy Cookies by Candlelight

Here is a cookie Phantom Manor by Linda in the Slovak Republic. Looks great by candle light!

December 14, 2011
Christmas in Australia

I'm not kidding when I say Haunted Dimensioneers from around the world inspire me!

Robyn writes, "I wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary and when I saw your website I couldn't resist! My boyfriend Marty and I spent two full days working on this Christmas-ified version of the Phantom Manor (the grass and sunbather are because we live in Australia and for us Christmas happens in the summer)."


December 13, 2011
Christmas Spirits

Johan, who lives in Sweden, sent me a photo of his Phantom Manor cookie house. He says, "I made the house fairly big and with a Christmas touch, even though there is actually a Ghost family living there." So along with a man on a ladder decorating his tree, and a cat in a rear window, you will find several Christmas Spirits wandering around.


October 15, 2011
Phantom Manor Cookie House - 2011

This is only the second time I ever built my own Phantom Manor cookie house. The first one being the one I built for Gingerbread Dimensions! Due to time this one is much more basic than the first but I'm very happy with it! You can see some "making of" photos on my Haunted Dimensions Facebook page, HERE .

I also created cool little cemetery cupcakes to accompany the Manor. Everything is store bought. "Cameo" Creme Sandwich Cookies by Nabisco, make awesome New England tombstones! I scribbled black icing on cookies and stuck them in store bought cupcakes along with some autumn leaf sprinkles (from Michael's Crafts), and a candy pumpkin on each grave.

November 24, 2010
From Paris!
Magnifique, Alice!

November 10, 2010

From Estonia!
I received this photo from Olga, who lives in Harjumaa, Estonia. Really spectacular!
Thanks for the donation also, Olga!

November 3, 2010
"So shines a good deed in a weary world"
Two years ago I received an email from April who lives in Toronto. April told me how she built the Phantom Manor Cookie House (based on my free pattern available at Haunted Dimensions), and donated it to a United Way raffle. It was a HUGE success, and raised lots of money! Her story touched me deeply and added a new dimension to my models and projects!
Well, April is back!
"The house was again used as a bucket raffle item and apparently there was quite a war between two of the lawyers here, both of whom were buying a lot of tickets in an attempt to win the house. The lawyer who won the house had originally intended to take it home to her three children but decided instead to donate it to Ronald McDonald House (http://www.rmhtoronto.org/). It was a double win for your karma this year!"

April was forwarded an email from the Toronto Ronald MacDonald House, along with photos of the kids enjoying her creation! The email said that the cookie house was a huge hit at the Halloween party held for the families and children staying at the house. It was displayed, then happily eaten! The photos, which I am not at liberty to share, brought tears to my eyes. Seeing families and kids who are going through unspeakable trauma, yet smiling and happily exploring a gingerbread house, was overwhelming!

It is a wonderful example of a good deed being handed down from one person to the next, brightening the lives of many.

Thank you so much, April!
"So shines a good deed in a weary world"~ Shakespeare & Willy Wonka

Jean-Michele from Bursa, Turkey writes:
"We really had fun with daughter on cooking and decorating the haunted house! Magical moments. We gave the house to my children school an we have a little problem as they want us to make more!"

Trisha in Oklahoma City writes:
"Thank you again for the pattern, it helped me win a 1st place ribbon at the Oklahoma State Fair."
AWESOME, TRISHA!!! Congrats!

Jennifer writes:
"My 5-year old daughter and I just completed our "spooky house" using the Phantom Manor pattern on your website. We had a lot of fun doing it (and my daughter had fun sampling everything)"

Laura in Temecula, CA writes:
" I used a battery operated set of 18 twinkle lights to light the inside of my house, so the sugar glass windows appear to flicker. I made my ghosts, tree, and graveyard accessories out of fondant. With the lights, I discovered that lining the inside walls with aluminum foil improved the glow immensely."

Erin writes:
"Thanks so much for posting your directions. There is no way we would have been able to do it without them."

Sharon writes:
"Thanks a million for the template! I had a lot of fun making this as a decoration for the food table at my Halloween party. It was a huge hit!"

Savannah from Providence, RI writes:
"Hello, Ray! I've been working on a haunted manor of my own and would like to share a few pics with you! 100% edible and made from gingerbread coated in royal icing!"

And Debbie writes:
"My boys and I had lots of fun making the haunted gingerbread house! Thanks so much for sharing your plans!"

October 10, 2010

Michael B. sent a photo of their first attempt at a cookie house. It is nothing short of spectacular!

Next, MaryKay, Karen and Kathyrn, who live in Beijing, China, have created several Cookie Manors over the last few years. Here there most recent.
MaryKay writes,
"Since my daughter (now ten years old) always wants to do something different each year, we took your template and made a few tweaks: flipped the porch to the right side; put a gabled addition on the left front; added a second portico-tower on the right side, above the porch. We also raised the roof pieces by 1.5 inches, to make the house taller. For three years your template has been the foundation and inspiration for our family's new tradition of creating a gingerbread haunted mansion. Thank you so much! "

As usual, MaryKay, you and your crew have outdone yourselves!

December 14, 2009
A Phantasmagoric Christmas
Melissa writes,
"Thought I would share the final product of our gingerbread house using your Haunted Dimension Pattern, Thanks for posting the pattern for people to enjoy. It took my daughter and I about a week and a half to complete"
Melissa, I love the addition of the gazebo, pond and fire pit!

An Award Winner!
Socorro Meredith is the Baking Supervisor for the kitchens of Utah Valley Regional Hospital. She has become know for her wonderful baked creations which get displayed in the hospital cafeteria and which she then donates! Two of her recent houses were modifications of my Phantom Manor cookie house pattern.
Socorro writes,
"I am from Mexico but I moved to Provo Utah 8 years ago.
The Chirismas house was for the Gingerbread House Festival 2009 in Lehi Utah. I won two awards, the Foundation Choice and PTA UTAH choice!"

Socorro, you are a gift! Thank you!

Two From My Home State!
Jenn and Kira, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, each created a cookie manor.
Jenn writes,
"My friend and I were looking for a gingerbread template and stumbled across the haunted manor. It looked perfect, so we decided to try it. We never made a gingerbread house before, let alone one this large and involved. It took us a solid 22 hours to complete. We had a good time making them, and the fabulous mess of my whole house :-). It was a great project and I am thankful you posted the template and recipes for everyone to try.
You have some amazing houses on here. Endless inspiration for us novices."

Thank you, Jenn! You and Kira did beautiful work!

Here is one from Christine in Victoria, Australia

From helena who lives in Sweden

November 8, 2009

From Birmingham, UK
Georgina writes "I live in Birmingham in the UK. I have always loved creating edible artworks and when I saw your Haunted Cookie Mansion I had to try something similar. I wanted to thank you for posting the template, it was a great starting point for my creation. I made this for my nephew, Daniel, who is 9 years old. I just gave it to him today and he loves it, especially the way the light changes colour inside. We are going to put it in the window of the house so all the trick or treaters can enjoy it too."

I love the modifications you made to your house! The pumpkin patch and cemetery are very cute and the coffins are awesome! You are a wonderful Aunt!

From Mill Creek, WA
Crystal writes "Thought I'd send you some photos of my house, I brought it to a Disney fan Halloween function and it was a hit! Thank you for allowing us to use the templates. :) "

I am glad everyone was impressed! It's beautiful!

From Julia
Julia writes "Hi! I found your site and made the house for Halloween! Thanks for the great directions!"

It looks like a photo from Martha Stewart!

Beijing Baking!
MaryKay, from Beijing, China writes,
"This is the second year in a row that we have used your haunted manor gingerbread
template. Thank you so much! My nine-year-old daughter always wants to do
something different, and had REALLY wanted to do the blob house on your site. We
were disappointed to learn you didn't have a template for that, but appreciate you
responding to our e-mail. I don't have the skills (or time) to make my own template
for something like that. So we added a tower (the extent of my free-hand
gingerbread skills) to the haunted manor to make it "different."

MaryKay, you and Karen created a BEAUTIFULLY modified Phantom Manor Cookie House!
The addition of the tower and the internal lights look awesome!

October 10, 2009
Halloween Project Time!
First, Linda writes,
"I've been making simple gingerbread houses for years, but your pattern and the wonderful pictures on your web site inspired me to attempt something more complex. Here is my halloween haunted mansion.We live in Escondido, California, where September and October can be triple digit temperatures. You may notice some streaks down the front of the house. I did the baking just a little too early this year, and my yellow candy windows partly melted and ran down the front of the house. I decided the "broken window" effect just made the house spookier."

It's looks fantastic, Linda! One of the great things about a haunted gingerbread house is that most "mistakes" only help enhance the character! I also love the cemetery and hangman's tree!

Jill, from Highlands Ranch, Colorado writes,
"I used your templates to make my first ever Gingerbread house. I was
impressed how well it turned out the first time! Thanks for all your
hard work you have put into designing thes e. It will be a hit at my
Halloween Party!"

It sure will, Jill! I would have never guessed that this was your FIRST cookie house! Beautiful!

December 29, 2008
Haunted Gingerbread
Sherry writes,
"This was for a display piece at a charity event. It was lit with Floralights on the inside and
purple spotlights from a craft store on the outside. (I hid them in Rice Krispie bushes.) The lighting
gave it a great eerie effect. Everything was edible except for the wire frame the tree was based on. I made the house from chocolate cookie, decorated with Golden Graham cereal, gelatin sheets (broken up to look like “cracked” windows), pulled sugar, wafer cookies, a bit of SugarVeil for the spider webs, tons of royal icing, burnt sugar and candy embellishments."

Wonderful job, Sherry!
I love the pulled sugar details, and the green Rice Krispie Treat bushes are a great idea!
Fantastic details!
Sherry has a cake and dessert business in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York.
Check out her site!

A CAKE IN TIME (When it's Time for Great Cake!)

A Christmas Manor
Gabrielle writes,
"Thank you so much for posting your pattern for your haunted cookie manor! It looks fantastic as a Christmas gingerbread house! It was a lot of fun to make!!!"

Check out the little white bunny in the yard and pup on the front step (insets)
It is lovely, Gabrielle!

December 23, 2008
Mmmm, White Frosting Snow!
Cathy sent these photos of her wonderful Gingerbread Manor
with lots of gingerbread people. Lovely job, Cathy!

December 19, 2008
Phantom Gingerbread from Germany
Gudrun, from Dortmund, Germany writes,
"Thanks for the guidance for the "Phantom Manor house". I made it a Christmas house for
my grandchild. I wish you (and all friends of this web page) glad Christmas and a
happy new year!!!!!!!!!
It is beautiful, Gu drun! I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

December 5, 2008
Grand Prize!
Tony, from Liberty South Carolina sent these photos of his GRAND PRIZE winning
gingerbread manor! "This gingerbread house took me one month to complete
but it was worth every minute"

Fantastic, Tony!!!
November 29, 2008
Cookie Phantom Manor on YouTube
Joey, aka M.Gracey (from Master Gracey's Haunted Mansion blogspot), sent
photos of his beautifully constructed Cookie Phantom Manor.
Joey writes,
"After a long painful 3 weeks I Finally Finished my Cookie Phantom Manor! It took
this long because My dog Ate the WHOLE THING! I decided to make it out of
Gingerbread because classic christmas feel (and taste).I put the "man eating
wreath" on the tower window. I also put the shadow of the phantom in one of the
windows and made the "nameless tomb" like the actual attraction."

Actually, we had a dog eat one of our gingerbread houses too! Fortunately it AFTER we won the competition!
You did a great job, Joey! I love the pumpkin "snowman" too!

Here is Joey's YouTube photo log of the process.

Be sure to check out Joey's blog. Link is below.

November 13, 2008
First, Jmsbaum writes,
"Hi Ray. BOY what a CALLANGE. I had to use WAY more than 3 tubes of cookie dough, more like 7 and a half tubes....LOL.......And it took me almost 2 weeks to finish!"
Thanks for sharing the photos! It looks great! Despite your cookie dough supply issue, I hope you enjoyed making it and that others appreciated it!

And Claudia writes,
"I have been a fan of yours since last year when I saw the haunted house cake that you made for your daughter's birthday. We are having a "Haunted Gingerbread House" competition where I work and I used your Phantom Manor as inspiration for the house that I designed. I am attaching a picture of the house I created called "Sally Manor: FYI, I work at the corporate headquarters of Sally Beauty Company. Hope you like it.."
It's very cute Claudia! I hope you won!

Donna from Saskatchewan sent these photos of her TWO beautiful Phantom Manor cookie houses!
One of them has lights!

Vinny writes :
"When I saw your haunted house I had to do my interpretation of it. I made my own cookie dough, used wafer cookies instead of pretzels and made the pumpkins with orange food color, Marzipan and black icing. We gave it t o my daughter’s school, they went nuts."
Just wonderful, Vinny! Your daughter must have been a celebrity after that day!
I love the ghost and tombstone cookies too!

November 9, 2008
Another for Charity
Blair created a beautiful gingerbread version of the Phantom Manor cookie ho use for a United Way Halloween Cooking Contest.
Blair writes "I made the windows out of caramelized sugar and my husband lit it up for me “maglite” bulbs. Instead of the sugar cookie dough, I made gingerbread based on the gingerbread recipe that I use at Christmas time. I used a glue recipe that I use for my gingerbread recipe as well that dries clear, for all the joints. I also omitted the side porch and the dormers on the roof. All in all, I was pretty pleased with the outcome."

Beautiful details, Blair! Congratulations!

< hr> October 22, 2008
Karma in Cookie Dough
People are always asking me why I offer my models and projects for free. Besides my philosophy of sharing the wealth when I can, I have been rewarded MANY times over by receiving email from people who have taken so much joy from my projects. Hobbyists and fans are always telling me how much they enjoy the projects, which makes me very happy. But I also hear from schools and hospitals who use my projects to enrich and teach, and I've heard from many people who are physically challenged or convalescing , who use my projects as therapy. They become so much more than paper models or cookie houses!

This brings me to an email and photos I received yesterday from April in Toronto.
April writes:"Hi there!
I wanted to thank you for the templates for your haunted gingerbread mansion.
This week is the United Way Campaign at work. The United Way is sort of like an umbrella charity organization and they do a huge drive every fall for donations. Most of the offices in the downtown core participate and the funds go to the member organizations under the United Way umbrella (which include charitable organizations for everything from abused women's shelters, children's programs, new immigrant services, soup kitchens and everything in between).

Every year our office holds raffles, games and a bake sale as well as several other activities. I baked up your mansion for the raffle.
It is my first gingerbread house, I never start small, so I was very happy with how it turned out. It had to be carried into the office on the commuter train so I wasn't able to do some of the things I wanted for fear that they would break off before I got here.
I made WAY too much dough, so I will be making another house for next week, which I will drop off at a shelter for abused women and their children in my neighbourhood.
I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed making the house. It was a lot of fun!!"

Um...I'm speechless.
Such love and dedication.
April, you are a gift!!!
Thank you!

October 19, 2008
Beijing Beau ty!
MaryKay, who currently lives in Beijing, China, sent me photos of her fantastic Phantom Manor Cookie House! MaryKay and her 8 year old daughter Karen created a photo log showing all of the stages of construction. Their version includes interior lights!
MaryKay writes, "Yes, we're really in Beijing. Part of the reason we really get into the holiday is
because, as you note, while living overseas, if we don't create our own island of
Halloween, our children won't get to experience these fun traditions we had as kids."

MaryKay, I'm am very glad that the Phantom Manor cookie house is part of your Halloween Island!

September 12, 2008
Happy Birthday, Nick!
I received an email that read, "I just wanted to thank you for your information on the website. We built this haunted house for my son’s birthday party (Nick). It was a hit!"

Fantastic! I'm sure your party guests were amazed!

You can find my do-it-yourself Cookie Phantom Manor project, HERE.

September 20, 2008
Eureka, Another Cookie Manor!
Teresa, from Eureka, California, sent a photo of her cookie Phantom Manor.
Teresa writes, "Do to the high humidity in Eureka, CA I had problems with the gingerbread breaking so I over-cooked them, which made them dark on the edges, which added to the over all spooky feeling of the piece. I had a lot of fun putting it together and it turned out fantastic. "

I agree, Teresa. Your Phantom Manor looks great, and I'm glad it was such a success!

July 23, 2008
A Big Winner!
Angela Smithson won top honors at the Adams County Fairfest 2008, with her gingerbread house entry using the Cookie Phantom Manor pattern!
She won "Best in Show" for the "Decorated Items" class in baking.
Angela also created a cemetery and mausoleum behind the house.
Congratualtions Angela! You did a wonderful job with your cookie creations, and I am thrilled that all of your hard was rewarded!

July 18, 2008
I received a photo of Lisa Simpson's Cookie Phantom Manor.
Spectacular, Lisa!

December 14, 2007
Gingerbread Season
I received two more submissions of completed Phantom Manor gingerbread houses based on my free pattern and instructions, found here.

First, here is Patricia's haunted Phantom Monor cookie house. Patricia is married to Antonio Hoyos, who works with magician Kevin James, and in fact, appeared at Universal Horror Nights. Patricia's creepy confections includes a detailed cemetery, ghosts, pumpkins and icing vines climbing up the outside of the house.

I love the icing designs on the skeleton cookies (created by Patricia's daughter Angelica)!

I also received photos from Marci in Alabama. Her Phantom Manor is ready for Christmas!
Beautiful job Marcia! Your icing rails are awesome!

Orginally, I hesitated to include Gingerbread Dimensions as part of this site, but I am very glad I did!
I'm delighted by the enthusiasm and creativity put into the cookie creations I've seen!

October 22 , 2007
Recent Project Submissions
< /span>
Look at this beautiful wedding cake designed for the wedding of fellow Doombug, Brianna .
She used my demon wallpaper stencil to airbrush the design on to her "'Til Death Do Us Part" cake.
"Brianna writes, "Thanks again, your stencil made my dream cake a reality! :)"

November 4, 2007
Creepy Cookies!
I r eceived photos of two more beautiful Cookie Phantom Manors.

Paul sent me this photo of his creation. He tells me that had a few minor problems in the construction due to the behavior of the dough, but he made a wondeful recovery! The pumpkins are marzipan and he also created a cemetery with meringue tombstones.

Kathy from Idaho sent me this photo of her bewitched baked goods. She said that they can't wait until Christmas, so they can do another!

December 23 , 2006
Tis the Season...for Gingerbread: Part 2
Scott and Maggie, from Las Vegas, created a web page describing the creation of their Christmas gingerbread Phantom Manor, based on my templates.

They did a beautiful job and made clever use of candies and frosting. They also included a full moon, and one of my favorite details, the hitchhiking ghosts printed on transparency film!
To see more photos, check out their site
Thanks, Scott and Maggie! Your results are terrific!

December 12 , 2006
Haunted Wedding Cake
Reen, from Seattle, sent me an email de scribing her creation of this Halloween themed wedding cake, which featured a gingerbread Phantom Manor based on my templates.

The house had golden sugar windows, and was lit by a small light inside, to give the windows an eerie glow. A beautiful spider cake, with licorice spiders, accompanied the Phantom Manor cake.
The cake also features a gingerbread cemetery, a skeletal bride and groom, and a rasberry sauce "fountain". The creation of this cake was not the only amazing feat. Reen also had to transport it from Seattle to Portland!
Thanks for sharing this, Reen! I'm sure this is one cake that the wedding guests will long remember and I'm thrilled to have been able to contribute a little to it! Of course, it was your talent that made it such a success!

November 8, 2006
I received this photo from Marian, from Suffolk, England.
Her son asked to have a haunted gingerbread house for his birthday, and Marian created this beauty using my Phantom Manor Cookie House templates (note the birthday candles). The house is partially supported by a black cardboard box, and she cut out the window openings and drew spook y eyes on the cardboard, peering out. Thanks for sharing this, Marian! Fantastic!

October 9, 2006
Look at what Charity from Illinois made!
Her Phantom Manor Sugar Cookie House took 6 hours to make and she loves it!

A Christmas Phantom Manor
Another brilliant Phantom Manor cookie house was sent in by Phil and his family. But they decided to give it a Christmas retro-fit! This snowy, icing covered beauty has M&Ms, PEZ, and teddy bear sweet tarts decorating the exterior of this festive version of the otherwise spooky manor. Sliced almonds serve as shingles, and red shoestrings are trimmed all around. Phil says he and his family had a great time creating the house.
You did an excellent job! I hope it is an awesome addition to your holiday!
Thank you very much for sharing!

The first Cookie Phantom Manor photos have been submitted!
Jan, from the San Francisco Bay Area sent me a batch of photos of their Cookie Phantom Manor!
Jan says that if it collapsed, they would have just claimed it was due to an earthquake.
Excellent job! I was thrilled to see a success! Thanks for the photos Jan!
I hope it adds to your fun this Halloween!

Email me at haunted3d@raykeim.com
Many of you have asked if there was any way you could make a donation to Haunted Dimensions. Well now there is. This button will allow you to donate whatever you wish to this site using a PayPal account.
Thank you, in advance, for your help!

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