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Keeping with the Haunted Mansion theme, I decided to add a haunted, sugar cookie house. It was for my daughter's 8th birthday, by her request. I made this from sugar cookie mix, from a box. I added a bit of brown paste food coloring, to get rid of the happy yellow color of the sugar cookie.
I designed this house on the computer. I made a simple 3D model in Lightwave, then translated the model into 2D planes, which I could print out and use as templates for cutting the dough.
The house sits on a double-mound of chocolate cake, with sugar cookie tombstones, and trees. The ironwork is piped, black icing, which I "drew" on waxed paper, and peeled off when it dried. I found candy leaf confetti, which is sprinkled in the graveyard. The tombstone cookies have pointy ends, so they stabbed into the cake, and stayed there.

The boards are piped brown icing, and the jack-o-lantern is an orange gum ball. The house sits on a small plastic plate, which is supported by a highball tumbler, which is inserted in the "hole" of the bundt cake. Otherwise, the house would have slid off of it's fudgy perch.

This house WAS EATEN! The kids particularly loved the fact that the "ironwork" made their teeth and tongues BLACK!


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