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Another contest.
We chose this mansion, called Loch Aerie, outside of Exton, PA.

This was the probably the largest, most ornate house we ever built. I took many photos of the mansion, from different angles and vantage points, and used the photos as a reference to build a foamcor model. For a detailed description of the process, go to HOUSE ONE. For gingerbread and icing recipes, go HERE.

Below is a small detail, of this extremely detailed gingerbread mansion.
A dog with his bone.

Snowy footprints, and boots, on the porch.

Shopping bags, made from hollowed out Starburst candies, and filled with assorted hard candies, to resemble wrapped presents.

A sugar wafer snow shovel.

Below is the rear of the mansion, which also included a pond, made from melted blue mints, and a cookie dock.

This house won a first prize, but afterwards, nobody seemed interested in keeping it. It sat on a table for a few weeks after Christmas, until one night "a certain dog" decided to eat the rear porch. At the time, we lived in a house in the woods, so we placed the mansion on a tree stump...and left it there for the critters, and the rain. Within a few days there was nothing left, but the cleaned wooden board with the mansion's perimeter drawn on it.

We still have the little, white icing dog.

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