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Now you can build your own!

Click on graphic (below) to download the FREE 10.4mb PDFdownload here

I created this model for entertainment purposes only. It represents over six months of work, taking hundreds of hours to design. I am now offering it for free to any mansion fan who would like it, as a token of appreciation for all the phenomenal support I have received since starting this site, and also in the hopes that it will encourage others to share their art and ideas freely online.

I hope it is enjoyed, and shared. All I ask is that my name and credit appear on the model and documents. And please do not repackage it, or try to sell it in a modified form.


By downloading this model, you agree that the final product is primarily determined by the skills of you, the builder.

I want to thank Cory Doctoro, via boingboing.net, for a terrific blog about the Liberty Square paper mansion model.
"This may be the coolest free thing to appear on the Internet this year."

~Jeff "Chef Mayhem" Baham, founder of the Haunted Mansion supersite Doombuggies.com~
"The finest Haunted mansion model ever "
Please help support my efforts here in the Haunted Dimensions.
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Thank you!

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