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July 14 , 2007
My Hometown Blob
The Colonial Theater - Phoenixville, Pa

My home town is Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. It is a small town in the far western suburbs of Philadelphia. Its history goes back to colonial times, but for me it's greatest claim to fame is being one of the locations used in the 1958 horror classic, "The Blob"! One of the most memorable moments in the film is when the Blob makes his way into the town theater, eats the projectionist and then oozes through the projection window into the balcony.
The theater is in downtown Phoenixville, and it was my local movie theater when I was a kid. It is "The Colonial Theater", and it still stands today after extensive renovations and is undergoing a renaissance, along with the rest of the town.
I went home last weekend and I took a few photos of the theater, which just so happened to be hosting "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" that night. (I missed that too!)

This weekend the Colonial Theater is hosting its annual celebration of "The Blob", called "Blobfest"! One of the highlights of the event is the reenactment of the theater scene, when all of the patrons come running out in a panic to escape the Blob.

Original scene: 1958

The Blob, oozing through the threater doors and into the street.
(Bridge Street in Phoenixville)

2006 reenactment

Unfortunately, I had to return to Orlando before this year's event. I wish I could have been there!

Here is a great "Blob" fansite, http://theblobsite.filmbuffonline.com.

You can also see our gingerbread recreation of "Doc Hallen's" house HERE, which was another "Blob" location in my old neighborhood.

I finally created a paper model kit of the Colonial Theater as it looked in the movie!
You can find it in the Paper Model Purgatory,

James Rolfe, also known as "The Angry Video Game Nerd" created a great mini-documentary about "The Blob" and the "Blobfest" celebrations that taked place in Phoenixville every year. It's very interesting and fun! Check it out!


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