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Here is a collection of photos of the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion, taken on November 29 and 30, 2004. My goal was to record as many architectural details as possible.
Click on the thumbnail image to spawn a new window containing an enlarged version.

View of the Haunted Mansion facade.
  View of Haunted Mansion as you approach the entrance queue.
Close up shot of the mansion cupola, and bat weather vane. I assume the vane doesn't spin, since it always seems to point north.
Here is a very close view of the weather vane! Note the rivets holding the bat to the arrow, I love this shot!
Close up shot of the mansion cupola, and a few of the interesting finials.  
Here are lots of roof, chimney, and finial details.
This shot of the front door shows the coffin shape of the pillars, and the detail of the large creat over the doorway,      
Here is an extreme close up of the front dorr pillar. Note the scalloped circle pattern on the front side.  
This is a close up shot, which I further enlarged, showing the lion face on the door knocker. I never got a very good shot of the door or wreath.
Not a great shot, but it shows the balls beneath the finials at the bottom of the banister.  
A view of the conservatory from just outside of the exit canopy.
A nice shot of the conservatory, showing lots of detail in the panes, and the ironwork.  
A close up, showing the detail of the i ronwork, panes, and finial cap. It also shows a hint of the glass detail of the upper left window.
Detail of an urn.  
A cool shot of the sun shining through the roof, and out the shadowed back. This shot was taken just outside of the exit archway.
Close up detail of the frosted, pebbled surface of the conservatory windows.  
A close up shot of the eastern-facing dormer window. Great masonary detail, and note the interesting emblems on the tops of the rain spouts.
An ornate Disney "D" is on each spout. I also like the brackets which hold the drains to the walls.  
Details of the small windows, above the conservatory.
A close up of one of the obelisk finials, which crown the eastern facade, above the conservatory..  
More close ups of finials, and a surprising peek at a usually unseen element. I believe it's the top of a ladder (circled), mounted at the rear of the facade, to gain access to the roof.
The familiar plaque at the front of the ride entrance gates.  
A rarely found close up of the demon head on the plaque. Another favorite! Could make for a cool desktop image.
Another rarely found close up of the bottom skull on the plaque. How cool is that? Another desktop image?  
The gates to the entrance queue. The plaque can be seen on the center brick pillar. < /div>
The main entrance gate.  
The wait time, fastpass clock, well roof, and mansion.
The Fastpass Return clock.  
The entrance queue canopy, leading to the "portico", "colonnade" and mansion entrance. Seen from the river side.
Close up of one of the queue lamps. Cool details.  
The entrance queue canopy, from the upset fountain.
A view of the portico, from near the riverboat dock.  
A close up of the portico details. Note the tombstone from the cemetery, through the opening.
A view from just outside of the portico turnstiles. The cemetery is straight ahead, but washed out from the bright sunlight. Note the blue light fixture embedded over the turnstiles.  
Here the colonnade curves around to the mansion entrance doors.
The colonnade leads to the open mansion entrance. Leota's tombstone can be seen on the far left.  
Details of the colonnade columns.
The colonnade connects just beneath the western end of the mansion's front "patio".  
This shot gives a better bearing of where the entrance door is located in relation to the patio, and facade.
The closed doors of the Haunted Mansion. Hmm, it's a little lonely here!   Looking into the opened doors of the Haunted Mansion. this area is directly under the front patio. I boosted the image brightness, to reveal the dark interior better.
An interesting shot. I held the camera out over Leota's stone, and snapped this.  
Leota is having a look to see who was disturbing her.
Looking past Leota's tombstone, through the fence, to see a tiny bit of the ride warehouse.  
A close up of the ride warehouse behind Leota.
The hallway leading out of the ride. (Brightened to show detail)  
The exit doors.
The cast member entrance.  
The rear entrance. Here a tour group is being allowed to enter with a guide. The last gu y was told to be sure no one followed him in! Yes, I considered it!
The exit doors, and archway, seen from the outside.  
The crest above the exit archway. Also visible is part of the ride warehouse, crypts (on the right), and the rear of the mansion facade.
One of the lighting fixtures in the crypt area.
Another view of the exit area. More of the warehouse can be seen in the middle of the shot, just above the ball finials of the crypt.
A crypt.  
A view of the crypt area from outside of the exit gate.
The brick pillars of the exit gate.  
Looking through the exit gate of the attraction, towards the well.
The hearse.  
A close up of the infamous wedding ring, found between the brick pillars of the exit gate.
Looking through the gates of the attraction, with Cinderella's Castle in the distance.      
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