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The Grim Adventures of "PEPPER"!
To see how Pepper was created, click here.

November 16, 2004
My pumpkin "Pepper" survived the garbage man visit, unlike his hollowed out brethren. He looks a little older, but his tongue has taken on a very cool look! The pepper never rotted after all. He has been sitting on our fireplace hearth (well away from the fires) and his tongue has slowly dried out. Unfortunately, Pepper-Pumpkin is going to be hanging around as the Christmas season arrives. He may need to move outside.
December 26 , 2004
On Christmas Eve, my Halloween pumpkin (from Miscellaneous Projects), got VERY depressed. Literally! And it's very strange because he is also frozen solid.
January 7, 2005
After an unseasonably warm first week of January

March 9 , 2005
The Spring thaw is getting closer!

April 6, 2005
Here is the monthly "Pepper" update. Photos no longer do justice to Pepper's physical state. He is now about 2 inches high, leathery, and seems to have stopped decomposing, and begun dehydrating (despite torrential rains in the past week). The image on the left is a beautiful bird's eye portrait taken as the sun was setting. A few months ago I put him on a plastic dish, to protect the table. So as he deflated, the dish helped keep him round, and relatively intact. I'm considering bring him inside (the garage) to finish dehydrating. He just might have a second life as a Halloween wall hanging.

May 06, 2005
Pepper has completely dehydrated into a crispy, crunchy wafer. He is totally mummified, and currently sits on top of my 21 inch monitor. The only smell he produces is that of dried leaves, and Autumn. I'm still not sure what to do with him next. Maybe I will mount him on a plaque.

June 06 , 2005

He is still sitting on top of one of my monitors waiting patiently for me to do something with him. He weighs almost nothing, and he feels like styrofoam to the touch. Above him you can see small portions of my Simpsons figure collection, and my souvenir building and landmarks collection.

October 23, 2005
Pepper is one year old today!

October 28, 2006
Happy 2nd belated birthday, Pepper!

February 5, 2007
You might remember "Pepper the Pumpkin's" British cousin, "Pepperkin", who was created by Debby in London for Halloween 2006.

Debby was inspired by "The Grim Adventures of Pepper" and decided to let Pepperkin hang around for a while to see what happens.

Well Debby just sent in an update.
"I brought him inside when it got very windy last
month and his family of flies joined us! Eeuuwww. Anyway as you can see he
is still around and desicating nicely, just like his older cousin."


Mmmmm! Christmas pudding!
Thanks Debby! You are a trooper!
So is Pepperkin!

By the way, here is a Pepper update.

He just hangs on the wall in my art room now.


UPDATE May 20, 2022
Pepper is STILL around! He hangs on a wall in my studio. He never required any special preservative or treatment over the years. Other than briefly becoming a home for some bugs last year (solved by putting him in a microwave for a few seconds), he is perfectly preserved.



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