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Ray Keim is a multifaceted artist who directs and produces digital art, animations, interactive game design, scenic design and scale models for theme parks, video, live stage, DVD titles, and the web.

• Expert digital artist. Excels at translating concepts, scenic directions and abstractions into compelling visuals. Adept at generating original art and illustrations in 2D and 3D.

• Accomplished interactive media and web graphic designer. Designs compact but rich imagery, concise user interfaces and immersive digital media experiences. Experienced designer for RFID interactive games and the social media.

• Dimensional designer. Able to visualize spatial relationships and produce scenic designs, scale models, props, "pop-ups" and dimensional paper illustrations.

Produces art, graphics, animations, props and scale models for special events and live shows at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

A member of the Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights design team.

Haunted Dimensions is a gateway for art by Ray Keim, news related to Disney's haunted mansion attractions, the haunt industry, FREE spooky 3D paper models, gingerbread architecture, photologs of "haunted" places and all things Halloweeny.

Ray Keim has been publishing under the name and logos of "Haunted Dimensions" since September 26, 2004. Haunted Dimensions is a wholly independant entity and bears NO AFFILIATION with any other more recent and similarly named entities!

Email Ray at haunted3d@raykeim.com


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Email Ray: haunted3d@raykeim.com